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Let's get started with one right now: Command Query Separation

Have you ever noticed a lot of things going on within a single function?

There are a lot of problems with throwing too much logic into one function. Let's look at a very simple example:

The idea above shows the common idea of a design pattern called Command Query Separation. This pattern states that a single function should either perform an action, or return data, but not both. By calling the $this->build() function, there is clearly something else going on here that we are unaware of. Running this line of code not only causes another block of code to execute, but conflicts with the intended naming of the function, which is just to "get a title".

The solution is very easy: keep it simple.

By just returning the title property here, we're drastically reducing the complexity of our code, especially when applying this practice across an entire codebase over a long period of time.

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