Tu Van

Learn to love Magento as much as I do, and you too can become a great developer or architect.

Magento Tech Guru

Tu Van

Meet Tu Van, the Magento Tech Guru at M.academy. Tu is a trailblazer who is dedicated to sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with the Magento community.

Hailing from Vietnam, Tu has reached remarkable milestones, including consistently topping the list of Magento experts by providing tech solutions to thousands of developers on Magento Stack Exchange.


Tu’s journey commenced when he discovered his passion for website development at the young age of 16. His unwavering commitment and desire for learning led him towards becoming a full-time Magento developer in 2014.

With nearly a decade of intensive experience under his belt, Tu’s expertise spans across both backend and frontend development. As a vital part of M.academy, he embraces the opportunity to mentor and empower our students, resolving their complex technical queries with his innate problem-solving abilities.

Our private social community, Campus, bears testament to Tu’s invaluable contributions in providing well-rounded assistance to students.

Tu answers technical Magento questions on Campus
Tu answers technical Magento questions on Campus.


Tu holds an expert Adobe Commerce Magento certification:

Adobe also acknowledged Tu as a top contributor at Meet Magento Florida 2023, and additionally thanked him for making significant personal contributions to the core Magento codebase.


When Tu isn’t busy being the go-to Magento mentor, he cherishes time spent with his loving wife and adorable daughter in his vibrant hometown. His passion for music and sports, especially football and volleyball, keeps the Magento Maestro invigorated in his downtime.

Through his relentless dedication to helping others, Tu embodies the core principles of M.academy. Aspiring Magento developers can derive immense inspiration from his encouraging mantra:

"Learn to love Magento as much as I do, and you too can become a great developer or architect."

With Tu on board, rest assured that your Magento learning experience will be nothing short of exceptional at M.academy.