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You are not alone.

You're most likely here because you've had some trouble picking up Magento 2. Been there, done that!

When I started learning Magento, I was horribly confused. I tried watching the video courses at Magento U, reading the DevDocs, reading blogs... but nothing would stick.

It just all wound up being a mess of random, unmemorable info.

It took me years to become a proficient M2 developer. Afterwards, I thought there must be a much better way to quickly & efficiently onboard developers to Magento.

So, I set out to develop the curriculum I wish I had when I started. The result is super confusing topics, broken down into small & easy to understand lessons, all in one location.

With time, I eventually developed my own simplification framework, so just about any PHP developer would be able to learn Magento. To me, the game will always be simplifying the complex, getting you to that "aha!" moment as quickly as possible.

Now that you know why I created, are you ready to start learning with me? Start by browsing the courses. Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me or ping me in the LiveChat.

Let's do this, and start learning Magento today!

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