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I wanted to learn Magento and tried Adobe Learning, but it was too hard to grasp the material, even with a $5k/yr price tag. After finding, I took a few courses and after applying my new knowledge in the real world, was able to pass the Adobe Commerce Professional certification exam in 30 minutes, without any extra studying for it! has been the most crucial aspect for a developer like me to go from limited knowledge to Magento Certified Developer.

Dan Staver
Dan Staver Dan Staver
Magento Developer, Dish Network


Here are the courses on the way. Dates & plans subject to change.

Course Title Description Expected Release
PHP 101 A completely beginner's guide to learning PHP in 2022. May 2022
The Magento 2 Database Layer Learn all about the database layers in Magento including collections, repositories, interfaces & more in this easy-to-watch course. June 2022
All About Magento 2 Service Contracts Not sure what a service contract is? A quick deep-dive into dependency injection & interfaces make this course worthwhile. July 2022
Create a Custom Magento 2 Theme Programmatically create your own custom theme, and learn all the ways to override & extend the frontend of your Magento eCommerce storefront. August 2022
GraphQL in Magento 2 Become not just familiar but proficient with GraphQL by learning how to write queries, mutations, interfaces & more. September 2022
Build a Magento 2 Store with PWA Studio Learn how to build a decoupled frontend for your eCommerce storefront by developing a progressive web application. Date TBD
Getting Started with Hyvä A course to become familiar with the trending Hyvä theming solution, tips & tricks of customizing, and building custom Hyvä-based modules. Date TBD
Prep for the Adobe Commerce Developer Certification Exam Learn the process, tips & tricks Mark used to pass the Adobe Commerce (Magento Associate) developer cerification exam. Date TBD
jQuery Widgets in Magento 2 Integrate jQuery Widgets alongside UI Components to build dynamic elements that match the Magento design system. Date TBD
Graduation cap on
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