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“Excellent videos! They are fascinating and really handy. With all of the concepts I just learned, it's time to practice more & more. Thanks for your passion for development, and especially Magento.”

Maximiliano Cabrera
Maximiliano Cabrera, Senior Magento Developer course portal

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All University students receive access to Campus, the premium community for Magento developers. Connect with other Magento developers, post your questions, and get debugging help with your Magento-specific issues.

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Tu Van

Tu Van, our resident Magento Tech Guru, is also a dedicated resource available to help you solve any Magento problems that may come up.

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“It was crucial for me to enroll in the University. With the subsequent help on Campus, I've been able to learn enough to build a new website that is stable for a change!

So clearly, your courses and Campus are that good.”

Kane Whelan
Kane Whelan, Upcoming Magento Developer
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Once you get started with a course, your progress is tracked & saved. You'll be able to change the speed at which videos are played, so no topic moves too fast or too slow for you.

Have a question about a lesson? Leave a comment, and the course creator will get back to you with an answer. You can also hop on Campus, a great place to hang out with other Magento developers and chat about issues with your code.

“I am very impressed with the hard work and quality output coming from I can't say it enough.”

Chris Snedaker
Chris Snedaker, Technical Lead
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“Your videos has been a great help for me because Magento doesn't make it easy to do stuff 😂 The learning curve is so steep!

I'm very happy with my enrollment and must say, compared to other courses I enrolled in, I actually go back to and regularly watch the courses over & over again as it helps me do my job well.

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Here's what students are saying:

Our team has found the resources at really useful, particularly for upskilling and onboarding new team members. Our team is fully Magento focused and we find that Mark does an awesome job at providing really pertinent Magento resources, and we really appreciate it.

I'm from the Philadelphia area, and have been a web developer working with Magento for 3 years now. Until, I was confused & frustrated most of that time. Mark clarifies the underlying principles and design concepts of Magento so well, that a dev with limited experience can have a positive impact on Magento projects quickly, and feel confident that he/she is learning best practices from a Magento ninja :)

Mark is one of the best Magento teachers out there! And you can find high-quality Magento dev content for both Junior and Senior Magento devs at

I'm Chris, CTO at Devteam Outsourcing Inc. We are a Magento Development Agency based in Manila, Philippines. We used to train new Magento developers from 6 months onwards. With the help of M.Academy, we have reduced the training time to 60-90 days. The courses and lessons are structured perfectly according to the needed knowledge using module by module, from low complexity to the highest. Within 60 days of enrolling in the University, not only did multiple DEV TEAM new recruits understand the inner workings of the Magento framework, but they were also able to achieve their Adobe Commerce certifications. PS. With great community too! via Campus

The courses are indispensable if you are working on Magento 2. I have been helped out through various features on many projects, multiple times, after reviewing Mark's material.

I am a Magento 2 Developer from Afghanistan, probably the only Magento 2 developer in the country 😄. I found Magento difficult to understand, as it was the first platform I worked with after college. The complexity was overwhelming. But the University has content of great value, which can help you really better understand things. It is much easier to work with Magento once you know the flow. provides a lot of value, the courses are well structured, and the instructor is amazing.

I started the University without any knowledge of Magento, and within 8 months took the expert Adobe Commerce Frontend E710 Certification, and passed! I can say that I got the most complex questions right (JS/KO/UI Components) because the course teaches these concepts very well, and in a simple way that is easy to understand. Everything you need to know is in the University, so I highly recommend it.

My first experience with Magento was with first-line support for Magento 1, and soon I realized how big this e-commerce platform is. I thought it was too old & complicated comparing other platforms, but then Magento 2 came out. I really like it the restyle and started to understand the huge potential it has, and wanted to learn more. But the documentation was very poor and confusing, so I decided to look for some courses. I first tried with Udemy, but I wasn't satisfied so in the end, and then I found out M.Academy. The University is very helpful and for every question, I always get an answer in a short time. The courses are amazing because they cover nearly every aspect of Magento and if something is missing, for sure Mark is already thinking about adding a new course on that topic. I really like how the courses are structured, they are split into short videos so that you can easily review the parts you need the most, and they really teach you something that you cannot find in the documentation. has been great for on-boarding our developers. Courses are well organised and up-to-date, and have really helped fast-track getting new starters working effectively with Magento!

Hi! I'm Piotr from Poland and have been working as Frontend Magento Developer. I was working in Magento around 3 years before I started taking courses at The courses helped me better understand Magento, and after practice, understand the Magento checkout and Knockout.js. Before I watched few courses about Magento 2, but none explained the material clearly. I recommend for every beginner and anyone else who wants better their skills in Magento 2.

Onboard Magento developers

The University is a complete solution to train you or your entire team, so you can learn this platform once & for all. But you don't have to take our word for it!

DEV TEAM is one of the many agencies that chose to quickly onboard new Magento developers to their team.

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Reduce risk of struggling or getting stuck. Get up to speed on Magento fundamentals in much less time.

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  • Cross-train your team on different areas of M2.

Join the many companies choosing to offer continued Magento education to their team, which reinforces their skills and makes them more skilled Magento developers.

Phoenix Media
Rave Digital
Cell Shop
Acid Labs
Avery Europe
DC Thomson
Dev Team Outsourcing
Le Petit Balloon

“You know, despite all the improvements, benefits, etc. that I've tried to offer our engineering team, the biggest piece of positive feedback I hear is how much they LOVE It's apparently a lot of fun.”  

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“I'm a big fan of your educational material. It's helped me tackle some of the things I find most tricky with Magento, so I'm glad it exists. It's far more digestible than trawling through the DevDocs (which are patchy at best) and Stack Overflow answers!”  

Kiel Pykett
Kiel Pykett Kiel Pykett
3x Certified Magento Developer, SME, Youwe

Frequently asked questions

What do I get after enrolling?
As a University student, you get full, unrestricted access to all current & future courses for as long as your subscription remains active.
You will also get access to Maggie, the Magento 2 AI chatbot tutor powered by GPT-4, as well as access to Campus, the premium Magento community for asking debugging questions and chatting with other Magento developers.
Can I upgrade my subscription to the Forever offering?
You will have 90 days from the date your subscription started to upgrade to the Forever offering.
Just open a live chat or fill out the contact form to request a promo code equal to the amount you already paid towards your yearly subscription.
How does the team enrollment work?
Every member of your team who wishes to access the University will need a related license. Student licenses are self-managed through the Team Admin.
You can purchase bulk licenses to train your entire team, and also add on additional students at any time. If you are planning on enrolling over 10 students, please reach out for a custom quote.
Can team student licenses be reassigned?
Once a student starts viewing course materials, you will not be able to re-assign that license to another team member until your subscription renews.
There is a reassignment allotment of up to 20% of purchased licenses to account for someone on your team leaving your company. This may be done anytime 90 days after your initial enrollment & up to 90 days before your subscription renews.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, of course! If you are anytime unsatisfied with the University within 30 days of enrollment, simply contact us for a refund. We simply ask that you let us know what we could have done better so we can improve our offerings for future students.
That said, our refund rate is less than 1%, so we are confident you will love the University!
What if I need a business invoice?
To generate a business invoice, be sure to check the "Add a business tax ID" box at checkout and enter your company name and tax ID (if applicable). A business invoice will then be automatically emailed to you upon enrollment.