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Expand your Magento knowledge without needing to pick or choose. Get full access to all current and future courses, resources & more at is trusted by students
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Dive deep into Magento with a portal full of courses

After becoming a University student you'll be able to login to the course portal which provides you full, unrestricted access to all courses available. Continually learn Magento as you gain access to new courses as they are released.

“Excellent videos! They are fascinating and really handy. With all of the concepts I just learned, it's time to practice more & more. Thanks for your passion for development, and especially Magento.”

Maximiliano Cabrera
Maximiliano Cabrera, Senior Magento Developer course portal

Pause, rewind, and play back... on your time, at your pace

Once you get started with a course, your progress is tracked & saved. You'll be able to change the speed at which videos are played, so no topic moves too fast or too slow for you.

Have a question about a lesson? Leave a comment, and the course creator will get back to you with an answer. Or, hop in the Slack Group, a great place to hang out with other Magento developers and have conversations about your code.

“I just finished studying the UI Components course and wow!!! The content was awesome. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it has helped me professionally.”

Leonardo Marquine
Leonardo Marquine, Magento Frontend Developer
Screenshot of What is RequireJS lesson

University-exclusive spaces at Campus

Campus is's community for Magento developers. While it is completely free to join, University students will receive access to private spaces where they can submit code reviews, participate in code challenges, and earn money writing blogs.

“I am very impressed with the hard work and quality output coming from I can't say it enough.”

Chris Snedaker
Chris Snedaker, Technical Lead
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Includes a license for the code generation tool

Beeline 🐝

for Magento 2 + PhpStorm

Demystify your understanding of Magento

The University is a complete solution to train you or your entire team, so you can learn this platform once & for all.

Save time

Reduce risk of struggling or getting stuck. Get up to speed on Magento fundamentals in much less time.

Path to certification

Once you understand the fundamentals, you will be on your way to certification badges.

Continuous improvement

One never stops learning. Gain a foundation of Magento, then start learning more advanced topics.

Onboard new developers

Training new employees can be extremely difficult. Enroll them to bootstrap your hiring process.

Become a student today

Worry-free learning

Join the University and get access to amazing, premium Magento content. Immediately access new courses even before they are released.

  • All current and future lessons & courses
  • Pre-release access to new courses
  • Full source code archives
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Track lesson & course progress
  • Earn course completion certificates
  • Student-only resources
  • Tiered rates for team enrollments

Become a University student

Start learning Magento today

Choose the best option for you or your team.

University forever
$ 1549
one-time payment
  • License for a single user

  • All current & future courses

  • Premium access to Campus

  • Lifetime license for Beeline

  • Subscription-free lifetime pass

  • Early access to new courses

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

University Subscription
$ 39 /month
billed once yearly at $468
  • License for a single user

  • All current & future courses

  • Premium access to Campus

  • Individual license for Beeline

  • Best deal, save over 60%

  • Early access to new courses

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Magento 2. The work you are doing is very helpful, and helped explain the right way of doing things & hard to understand concepts, all in one place.”  

Pau Iranzo
Pau Iranzo Pau Iranzo
Magento Technical Consultant

Frequently asked questions

What do I get after enrolling?
As a University student, you get full, unrestricted access to all resources at This includes all current and future courses, along with any other student-only resources.
What if I need a business invoice?
An invoice is emailed to you upon enrollment. If it doesn't work for you, reply back to it with your company name, address, and any other info you need to show up on the invoice, and a new invoice copy will be generated for you.
How does enrollment work for agencies?
Every developer in your team who wishes to access the University will need a paid license. You can purchase bulk licenses for your team at a special tier rate to train your entire team.
Can I add developers to my team plan?
Of course! You can request to add students to your license whenever you wish, and purchase additional licenses at your tier rate. Contact for more info.