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Beeline 🐝

for Magento 2 + PhpStorm

Sick of typing in Magento? Waste your time somewhere else. Create entire files, classes & blocks with just a few keystrokes.

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Time is money

Save time & get stuff done

Why spend a few minutes creating a controller class, when you can just type mController and be done in a few seconds?

Do things right

Unconcious best practices

Other code generators may spit out working code, but they don't usually follow any known best practices. Since this is created by, you can be sure every best practice is followed, so you'll be ahead before you even start.

Keep up-to-date

Automatic updates

Beeline is automatically updated every time you restart PhpStorm, so no need to download archives or set calendar reminders for updates. It's always up to date.

Magento 2.4+ & Day zero PHP 8 support

Awesome breeds more awesome

Every version from Magento 2.4 is supported. As soon as Magento 2.5 gets released (or whichever version winds up supporting PHP 8), Beeline will be updated with templates built upon PHP 8, which includes things like constructor property promotion.

Magento batteries needed

Will I still need to learn Magento?

While Beeline will generate tons of boilerplate code so you don't have to, you will absolutely still need to understand Magento and how it works. If you buy this to avoid learning the stuff, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Live templates, reimagined

Aren't these just live templates?

Yes. But you've never seen them like this. You can create your own, if you are one of those crazies that likes spending hours building & debugging stuff with RegEx, and know all about best practices in Magento.

PHP classes & XML blocks

Which templates are included?

Great effort is being put towards supporting every type of XML file and PHP class implemented in Magento. This includes all controllers, models, resources, collections, service contracts, extension attributes, access control lists, setup installer scripts, ...

Notes & docs

Full documentation

All templates will be documented and available upon release. After using Beeline for a while, templates will become second nature. You won't even remember those times when you seemingly typed on for days.

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