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How DEV TEAM onboards & certifies new Magento Developers in 60 days

DEV TEAM Outsourcing is an Adobe Commerce certified development resource for agencies and techical partners. Based in Manilla, Philippines, their team specializes in the Magento framework, and has built a strong reputation in the ecosystem.

The DEV TEAM model is unique. They work with solution parters as an extension of their on-premise team, and each developer is assigned to a parter on a full-time basis. The entire process is overseen by their CEO, Chris Islan, as well as an assembled senior team.

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The DEV TEAM team

In 2021, demand for DEV TEAM’s Magento developers skyrocketed, and they needed to put in place a solution to better train and onboard new developers to the Magento framework.

The typical time to train a Magento Developer to their team, all the way from newbie developer to Adobe Commerce Certified, was roughly 12 months. Their desired timeframe for this process needed to be cut down to 90 days to better serve the needs of their company and partners.

DEV TEAM enrolled their team in an University team plan, which is a complete solution for onboarding and training teams of developers onto Magento.

They started watching lessons which cover learning the absolute basics of the framework with the Magento 2 Coding Kickstart course. After this, they progressed all of the other Magento courses available on the course platform.

Since all course lessons are short & concise, this allowed their developers of varying skill levels to more easily progress through the material, at a pace which was comfortable to each student.

DEV TEAM students utilize Campus, the University-exclusive community platform for Magento developers.

Campus Debugging Help

Campus helps programmers debug code & eliminate roadblocks, and can also provide best practice code reviews from our team of Adobe Commerce Certified Experts.

Our students learn Magento 2 in a structured way. Learning is broken down into easy to understand lessons, and covers all of the topics needed. This process helps our students understand the logic behind the technology, empowering them with the knowledge to perform tasks efficiently.”  

Chris Islan
Chris Islan Chris Islan
CTO, DEV TEAM Outsourcing Inc.

Within 60 days of enrolling in the University, not only did multiple new recruits from DEV TEAM understand the inner workers of the Magento framework, but they were also able to achieve their Adobe Commerce certifications.

This entire process helps streamline their future ability to find, train & retain top talent, and onboards new team members to the Magento ecosystem so that they can quickly become part of their core development team.

Adobe Bronze Partner

DEV TEAM Outsourcing Inc. is an Adobe Bronze Partner, with 10 Adobe Commerce Certified Developers on staff. They continue to partner with to produce world-class Magento talent, and maintain their standards of excellence for agency partners.

DEV TEAM Outsourcing has locations in Malta, Philippines and the United Kingdom.

If you'd like more information about DEV TEAM and how they can help you with your Magento needs, visit their website at for more info.

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