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Adobe Commerce Certified Developer Exam Cert Prep

The simplest & most efficient way to get prepped and ace your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Developer exam certification.

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The Magento, aka Adobe Certified Professional Developer exam. You've been wanting to take it ever since you've become a Magento Developer. It stands for everything you want your career to become one day, and signals to the rest of the world, "I'm Magento Developer, I know my stuff!"

But... it's been elusive. You start Googling around, only to realize that it's even more complex than you first realized. Study guides and courses are WAYYYYY too big and packed with so much information, they'll make your head explode! 🤯 And most of the content within them isn't even relevant, leaving you more confused than when you started.

You don't think you're ready for the exam, and you don't take it because you realize one thing: you can't do this.

However, that's a little lie you just told yourself. It's not true 💪. Getting certified doesn't need to be difficult, and this course is set out to completely uproot the cert prep process.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course meant for?
This course is designed for experienced Magento developers looking to finally become certified. You should know all of the fundamentals of Magento 2, including all content covered in the following courses:
You should have working knowledge all of the Magento 2 fundamentals, including the Magento 2 architecture, dependency injection, plugins, observers, events, the layout system, JavaScript system, and more.
Do I need access to Adobe Commerce to pass the exam?
The exam does include many concepts from Adobe Commerce. Luckily, these questions are mostly theoretical or based on hard facts about Adobe Commerce, so you will not need to stand up an instance of Adobe Commerce to take this course.
If there are any scenarios which may seem like it requires access to an Adobe Commerce instance to answer a question, there will be a workaround in place so this is not needed.
Do I need working experience with Magento?
Absolutely! There are no hacks or workarounds to get certified.
If you think you will pass one of these exams without first working with Magento for at least 6 months, and within real-life scenarios, you will be sorely disappointed. There's no substitute for real-world experience, even with the awesome framework that I have in place for passing this exam.
What version of Magento & Adobe Commerce is this course based on?
This course is applicable to the Adobe Commerce Developer Professional exam, which is based on version 2.4. If the exam is ever updated for a newer version of Magento, this course will be updated accordingly, taking into accounts the update made for the new version of Magento.