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PHP 101

A completely beginner's guide to learning PHP in 2022.

May 2022

Under development

This course is currently under development

Available to public May 2022

PHP has been around for a long time, but there aren't many courses developed for the most recent version of PHP. This course strives to teach newbs the ins & outs of programming PHP in 2022.

This course is intended for those new to the language, and beginners will get up to speed on the basics of PHP very quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course meant for?
This course was designed for everyone new to PHP programming. Some experience programming in other languages may help you out, but is definitely not required.
What do I need to know to take this course?
Some basic knowledge of programming is recommend, but not required.
What is very much required is the desire to learn, and keep trying when you are ready to give up!
Do I need a development environment setup?
No. This course assumes you are running a Mac, but will also work seamlessly for those running Windows & Linux. As long as you can install PHP on your system, ...that's all you need.
What version of PHP is this based on?
This course was created for and based on PHP 8.1. It is up to date with new features & functionality created in 2022. supports Ukraine 🇺🇦