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Screencast (Screenflow) Video Editor

Help make our lessons come to life.


At, we're committed to creating top-notch educational content for our Magento developers. Our courses are jam-packed with high-quality video lessons, and that's where you come in! 🎥

As the Screencast Video Editor, you'll be responsible for taking our raw screencast recordings and polishing them into professional, engaging learning experiences.

Role & Duties

Your primary duty will be to edit raw screencast recordings using ScreenFlow into a final, production-ready lesson. This includes tasks like chunking out the good edits, stitching them together into seamless transitions, and freeze-framing content where appropriate to match the dialogue. Lessons are typically between 3 and 10 minutes, so expect to edit many smaller videos.

Here is an example lesson:

You'll also be responsible for ensuring consistent branding, formatting, and quality across all video lessons. Not much creativity is required for this role, as videos must match our pre-defined technical specifications.

If you are interested in creating more creative, 1-minute videos, we also have a need for YouTube shorts. These are creative, 1-minute videos that are designed to be engaging and fun. You'll be responsible for editing the raw output of these shorts into a finalized result which will be used for promotion across our social media outlets.

Here's an example of a YouTube short:

The use of Screenflow is required, so we have access to the underlying edited video for future edits.

Time Requirements

This is a part-time, contractor role with a flexible schedule. We'll provide you with a steady stream of raw recordings to edit, and you'll have the freedom to work on them at your own pace, as long as you meet the agreed-upon delivery turnaround times.

Expect to dedicate between 5 and 10 hours per week in this role, with flexibility to work more or less depending on your availability, and the project needs.


As a contractor, you won't be eligible for traditional employee benefits. However, you'll have the opportunity to work with a talented team of educators and gain valuable experience in the Magento and eLearning industry.

Plus, you'll receive complimentary access to all courses and materials, so you can continue expanding your technical knowledge while you work.


Compensation for this role is based on your screencast editing experience and the quality of your work. We offer competitive rates paid on a "per-hour of final edit" basis, paid at the end of every week.

Exact rates will be discussed during the interview process, but expect to earn between $6 and $8 per minute of edited lesson content, and double time for the creation of YouTube shorts (creative, 1-minute videos). Using the examples above, the single video lesson would pay $25-35 (4.4 minutes of edited content), and the short would pay $12-16 (1 minute of edited content).

How To Apply?

If you have experience editing technical screencasts (preferably with ScreenFlow) and a passion for creating engaging educational content, we want to hear from you!

Please send your resume, portfolio (if available), and a brief introduction to Please also include any relevant links or samples that showcase your video editing skills.

To ensure that you've full read this job posting, please also include your favorite character from either Silicone Valley or Office Space, and why they're your fav.

We look forward to reviewing your application!

Job posted March 12, 2024