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Quickly learn and reference all of the core Magento 2 programming basics, concepts & patterns.

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Magento 2 is an unbelievable foundation & architecture that is used to build advanced eCommerce websites that scale. But it is also one of the most complex, intricate platforms to teach & learn, and getting up to speed quickly is extremely difficult.

This course solves this problem with a focused, simplified curriculum. The overarching goal of this course is to teach you all Magento 2 programming basics, even if you have no prior experience. It's not a completely all-encompassing course, but covers all of the concepts & patterns following Magento's recommended best practices and will provide you with a solid foundation to make you into a great Magento developer.

Meet Mark, the course instructor

Take the analysis paralysis out of Magento development

Learn the how,
and the more important why.

Magento beginners welcome

The goal of this course is for you to become productive in Magento 2 programming very quickly. Things should start to "click" for you rather quickly after going through the course.

This is a screencast course, and each lesson comes with full text translation, full inline source code of the code presented in the lesson.

  • Learn visually

    By watching the instructor program in front of your eyes, you will learn faster than trying to source and read documentation.

  • Full source code

    After watching the lessons, easily reference the source code on GitHub to build out features for your upcoming projects.

Stay focused

All aspects of Magento were analyzed, and the core "must know" concepts were identified. Each lesson is presented in a way which is easy to learn and follow.

Also, lessons were very purposely made short & concise, so you can remain engaged throughout the entire course and actually learn what you are watching.

  • Kept simple

    You won't get lost trying to understand multiple foreign ideas, as each topic has been broken down to teach only one simple concept at a time.

  • Short & concise lessons

    Most courses are too long and you'll lose focus quickly. Short lessons keep you engaged, and make things easier to reference in the future.

“I highly recommend Magento 2 beginners to follow's Coding Kickstart course, as it covers the Magento 2 basics in a clear & concise way. Agencies, this is what your new Magento dev should be spending their first day on.”  

Course curriculum

Over 40 easy-to-consume video lessons included, yours to playback & reference forever.

Course material last updated March 13, 2020

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Environment Setup

Setup Composer auth creds
All about application modes
Install and use sample data

Module Basics

Name and locate modules
Create the module skeleton
Register and activate modules


Identify the anatomy of a URL
Define a new route
Create a controller action
Create a proper raw response
Access the request object
Forward and redirect responses
The responsibility of controllers


Frontend dev caching
Create a new template file
Add a new block to a page
Apply a page layout
Move blocks on a page
Locate blocks by HTML attributes
Remove a block from a page
Override an existing block template
Set block properties with action
Set block properties with arguments
Render container and children blocks
Pass data to a template

Design Patterns

Create objects with Object Manager
Instantiate objects with di
Substitute classes with preferences
Use plugins to override core code
Create and dispatch events
Listen for events with observers


Create a new database table
Create a model
Create a resource model
Create a data patch script
Populating database updates
Create a collection
Instantiate a collection
Retrieve data from a collection
Filter and inspect collection queries
Build a select query for joins
Saving model data with resource models

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“The Magento 2 Coding Kickstart is one of, if not the best set of M2 training videos out there. It just cemented in my mind the things I do, and described them in ways that are easier to understand.”  

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know to take this course?

This course assumes you have basic knowledge of object oriented programming and PHP 5. Existing web development experience is also preferred but not required. You'll be guided through every aspect of writing Magento code, so even if you aren't 100% up to speed with OOP or terminology, you should still be ok to take this course as long as you are willing to learn new topics.

Do I need a development environment setup?

Yes, this course assumes you have a running development environment of Magento setup and running locally. If you don't already have a development environment setup, please set it up before purchasing the course. Checkout Mark's free course on how to Setup a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker.

Do I need a specific coding editor?

You can use any coding editor or IDE you wish, however it is strongly preferred to use PHPStorm due to its intelligent "click into" functionality so you can easily go deep into variables and parent classes. PHPStorm's debugging tools are second to none.

What version of Magento is this based on?

This course was created using concepts featured in Magento version 2.3. This includes new techniques such as declarative schema and data patch scripts. If a new best-practice approach is introduced in a future version of Magento, the course will be updated appropriately.

What if I need an invoice specific to my business?

No worries! Your invoice will be emailed to you after purchase, but if you are purchasing this course on behalf of a business and the default invoice doesn't work for you, just reply back to your enrollment email. Send in your company name, address, and any other billing info you need to show up on the invoice. A manual PDF invoice will be generated and emailed back to you.

Is this course meant for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced developers?

This course was developed for beginning Magento programmers, but is still very useful to intermediate developers looking for a refresher or to fine-tune their skills. This course will clarify the "I don't understand this" questions which stump everyone new to Magento programming.

What will I get out of this course?

Upon completing this course, you will have all of the basic Magento programming fundamentals down. You will learn all about the Magento architecture & filesystem, learn basic Magento design patterns and how to use them, and be able to create a fully-functional module from scratch. The goal of this course is to take the analysis paralysis out of beginning Magento development.

Do I receive anything upon completing the course?

Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion in your name, signed by the course instructor. This certificate will demonstrate to potential employees that you have the basic underlying knowledge of Magento 2. If your employer offers continuing education stipends, you can also use this certificate to get the cost reimbursed from your employer.

How does the Agency payment option work?

Purchasing this option grants your team of up to five developers access to the course. After purchase, reply back to your order success email with the names and emails of the members of your team. If they already have accounts at, the course will then be assigned to their existing account. If they do not yet have an account, one will be set up for them with the email address provided. If you don't yet have the names and emails of your five team members, just email us when you get them and we'll set them up at that time. Note that you can't change the assignment of a course license after it has been assigned to a user.

Contact if you have more than 5 developers who need access.

Meet the instructor

Mark Shust

Mark Shust

Hi there!
I'm Mark, the instructor of this course.

My passion over the last decade has revolved entirely around Magento. Starting with the early days of Magento 0.8, I've had a heavy interest in the Zend and Magento Frameworks, and have been devoted to eCommerce & PHP for even longer (over 20 years!). I've held all positions within many organizations, ranging from junior developer to chief solution architect.

During this time I've spoken at conferences such as Magento Imagine and Meet Magento New York, and have been very outspoken in regards to following accepted best practices for Magento.

My numerous years of LAMP stack programming expertise have paved the way for me to become a Zend Certified Engineer and 3x Magento Certified Developer. I love open-source software, and have maintained the most popular development environment for Magento since the release of Magento 2.

I'm married to my wonderful wife Juliann, and we are the proud parents of twin girls Lily and Brielle. I live in Northeast Ohio and love eating chipotle burritos, solving Rubik's cubes, driving my 240sx, and watching Cleveland Browns games.

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