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Magento 2 Power Theming

Learn how to build, override & extend a custom frontend theme for your Magento eCommerce storefront, based on the Luma/Blank core theme.

April 3, 2023

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Public Release: April 3, 2023

You've most likely attempted to customize a Luma-based theme in Magento. And this undoubtedly caused so many headaches, and lead you to purchase one of those off-the-shelf, third-party themes. Noooooo! 🤯

Having a custom Magento theme is a crucial aspect of having a successful Magento storefront. You probably wish you had a completely custom, one-off theme that was completely tweaked for your business, without needing to resolve to third-party themes or solutions that aren't baked right into Magento. Well, the days of how to accomplish this are right around the corner.

This course will explore the entire architecture of frontend theme development. This includes overiding, customizing & extending the Luma/Blank core theme that comes with Magento. You'll learn how to build out custom LESS/CSS files, be able to easily locate template files to customize, and completely understand how the layout XML layer works. We'll also explore the various inner-workings of Luma-based theme development, including how to customize the template files of third-party modules in your own theme, and properly write media queries in LESS that not only comply with Magento's standards & best practices, but also compile down to performant, optimized CSS files.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course meant for?
This course was designed to be consumed by developers with a working knowledge of Magento 2, who want to improve their frontend theming skills. Luma is Magento's core theme, and we'll go into detail on extending & customizing it to your specific store's needs.
What do I need to know to take this course?
Those new to Magento should first becoming familiar with Magento core development before taking this course. Knowledge of Knockout.js is not required, but is helpful if you want to dive a bit more deeper into customizing Magento template files with JavaScript.
Do I need a development environment setup?
Yes, this course assumes you have a running development environment of Magento setup and running locally. If you don't already have a development environment setup, please set one up before enrolling in the course. has a free course, Set Up a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker.
What version of Magento is this based on?
This course was created using concepts featured in Magento version 2.4. If a new best-practice approach is introduced in a future version of Magento 2, the course will be updated appropriately.