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Customize the Magento 2 Checkout

Tackle customizing, modifying & updating the many areas of Magento 2's complex checkout process.

Jan 2022

Under development

This course is currently under development

Available to public January 2022

Everyone wants to modify the Magento checkout, but no one quite understands how. It's sort of a "black art". The intention of this course is to tackle the M2 checkout head-on, with real, working examples.

This advanced course goes into detail about the layout & rendering process, tapping into the checkout steps & actions, extending UI components & templates, hooking dynamic CMS blocks into checkout areas, input field validation & sanitation, as well as creating custom attributes & saving them to quotes & orders.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course meant for?
This course was designed to be consumed by developers with a working knowledge of Magento 2 who want to advance their knowledge of the advanced areas of the Magento checkout. It is not intended for those new to Magento 2 programming.
What do I need to know to take this course?
Those new to Magento should first becoming familiar with Magento core development. Before taking the course, they should also have a solid understanding of JavaScript Development Fundamentals as well as Frontend UI Components in Magento 2.
Attempting to take this course without a solid understanding of all of these prerequisites will inevitably lead to failure.
Do I need a development environment setup?
Yes, this course assumes you have a running development environment of Magento setup and running locally. If you don't already have a development environment setup, please set one up before enrolling in the course. has a free course, Set Up a Magento 2 Development Environment with Docker.
What version of Magento is this based on?
This course was created using concepts featured in Magento version 2.4. If a new best-practice approach is introduced in a future version of Magento 2, the course will be updated appropriately.