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Free PhpStorm License

Get a free 6-month license when you enroll in the M.academy University.

At M.academy, we are always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience and value we provide to our premium students. That's why we've teamed up with JetBrains to bring you an exceptional offer that you simply cannot afford to miss.

If you're currently enrolled in any premium course or our comprehensive University subscription at M.academy, you now have an exclusive opportunity to access JetBrains PhpStorm, ...completely free for 6 months!

And also get 40% off future license renewals.

Why PhpStorm? As a leading Integrated Development Environment (IDE), JetBrains PhpStorm has been trusted by developers around the world for years due to its remarkable set of tools and features. As a Magento developer, you will find PhpStorm to be a game-changer that significantly improves your development workflow.

With this IDE in your toolkit, you can expect:

  • Enhanced productivity with features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, and code navigation
  • Easy debugging and testing of Magento projects with built-in tools
  • Seamless integration with your favorite version control system
  • The same editing experience used by our course instructors

And as an M.academy student, you'll gain even more value with the integration of Beeline, our powerful code snippet tool that utilizes PhpStorm's Live Templates to quickly generate Magento code.

Beeline saves programmers so much time by eliminating unnecessary typing in their day-to-day workflows, and is a must-have for all Magento developers. By using Beeline and PhpStorm together, you will unleash an unparalleled level of efficiency in your development process.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your Magento development skills to new heights. Enroll in any of our premium courses or the University subscription at M.academy today, and enjoy all the benefits this powerful combination of JetBrains PhpStorm and Beeline has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Rev up your Magento expertise and start maximizing your development workflow like never before!

A free 6-month license is included when enrolling in the University 👇
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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for this JetBrains PhpStorm offer?
This offer is exclusively available to M.academy students who are enrolled in the University.
Can I use this offer on a PhpStorm license renewal?
Unfortunately, you cannot use this offer on PhpStorm license renewal. You must apply the coupon code to a single, new license of PhpStorm. It also does not apply to JetBrain's All Products Pack offer.
How do I receive my PhpStorm coupon code?
After enrolling in the University, simply visit the Request PhpStorm License page, enter the same email address that you used to enroll, and you'll immediately receive your coupon code.
How does this work with Team enrollments?
Each PhpStorm license needs to be assigned to specific individuals. After enrolling your team in the University, you will be granted access to the Team Admin to assign student access. After assigning a student access, they will then be able to use their email address to request a PhpStorm license. Be sure not to share a single PhpStorm license with multiple students, as doing so would be a violation of the JetBrains terms.
Can the PhpStorm coupon code be shared or made publicly available?
No, the code is only good for one-time use, so it must not be shared publicly or with multiple users. Each coupon code is intended for a single student enrolled in the University.
How does Beeline complement the PhpStorm offering?
Beeline is a code snippet tool that leverages PhpStorm's Live Templates functionality to quickly generate Magento code. Together, PhpStorm and Beeline form a powerful combination to significantly improve the speed of your Magento development workflow, making it faster and more efficient. By using both, you'll unlock an unparalleled level of productivity in your Magento development process.
Do team enrollments qualify for this offer?
Of course! Once your team administrator has assigned you access to the University, your email address will be automatically unlocked for this special offer.
Can I get additional PhpStorm licenses after my initial one expires?
No, as only a single trial code is offered per user. After the initial 6-month trial has completed, JetBrain's offers 40% off the price of a paid subscription when upgraded from the trial.